Behind every great a great editor.


It has been my privilege to review and give feedback about manuscripts across a variety of genres over the past 14 years, from memoirs to Christian devotionals to young adult thrillers and more.

This isn’t just a job for me. It’s a calling.

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Consulting Packages

For Writers Who Need Help Getting Started

If you’re full of ideas and struggling to get them down on paper, or you’re not satisfied with what you’ve already written, our consulting packages are the solution you need!

Editing Packages

For Writers Who Are Closer to Publishing*

If you’ve finished your rough draft and ready to start the revision process, our editing packages are the perfect fit for you.

*Note: All editing packages require an initial discovery call. You can describe your editing needs in the process of booking the call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all writers need editing help? can i get by with a self-edit?

I believe all writers who wish to publish need editors. Why? Because we all have blind spots. There’s something about it being your writing that causes you to miss things you wouldn’t miss otherwise. You’re too close to the work to be truly objective. Even highly successful published authors use editors. We all need another pair of eyes to catch those mistakes.

What is a sample edit?

A sample edit involves you sending me a short sample of your writing project (up to the first 1,000 words). This helps me determine what kind of work your manuscript needs so I can recommend the right service for you, while also helping you learn about my editing style. In other words, it’s a low-risk way for both of us to determine whether or not we’ll work well together.

Why don't you offer line editing or proofreading services?

In general, my strengths lean more toward developmental, or “big-picture editing,” so I choose to focus there. Plus, in my experience, developmental editing services tend to be less common than line editing services, so I see more of a need in that area. 

Why offer consulting services? Can you just fix all the problems in my writing for me?

Sure, I could do that in theory. However, if your manuscript has major structural problems (which happens with many first-time authors), that can get expensive very quickly. My consulting services are a cost-effective solution to help you address common weaknesses in your writing, and become a better writer over time as a result.

How do I know if my book is ready to publish or needs more work?

An experienced editor can advise you on next steps for your manuscript. They may say it’s polished and ready for publication, needs another round of edits, or that you need to go back to the drawing board for a complete rewrite. The right editor will help you decide what needs to be done and when.