Guiding Scripture: Isaiah 43:19 – “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

  • In 2020, the world had to deal with the whirlwind that was COVID-19. This year (2021), many of us were hoping to find some sense of normalcy again, but so far that hasn’t been easy, because this year has had plenty of challenges of its own. As a result, many of us have had to go back to the basics as it relates to the different areas of our lives. In this episode, I’m talking about how God made me go “back to the basics” this year, and what that might look like for you.
  • Key Point: In May of 2020, I released a podcast episode called “The Reset,” (Season 2, Episode 25) which may seem like the same thing as going “back to the basics.” It’s not. Webster’s Dictionary defines a reset as “moving something back to its original place or position.” I’m talking about rebuilding from the foundations and creating something new. In some ways, that’s scarier.
  • It’s fitting that my family built a house during this time, because it felt like God was reconstructing my life at the same time.
  • 3 Areas Where God Took Me “Back to the Basics”
    • My personality. In this season, God has spent a lot of time reaffirming my identity in Him. If I’m not careful, I tend to be an overachiever who finds my identity in doing, instead of being. (Martha vs Mary) God had to do some course correcting with me in that area because I got out of balance. At the same time, he has been showing me some areas where I still have room for growth.
    • My business. I’ve been in business as a freelance writer and editor for over a decade, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years simply because I didn’t know any better. Recently I invested in a coaching program to help me build a stronger foundation for my business, and it was worth every penny.
    • My relationship with my family. This area is the most personal because it’s still in progress. Without getting into too much detail, I’m learning how to listen more and work on healthier ways to deal with conflict as it relates to my husband and children. 
  • Key Point: Rebuilding can often feel discouraging, because it involves God peeling back layers and showing you things that aren’t working, even though you thought they were.

Action Step: Take at least 30 minutes to spend quiet time with God, and ask Him how He wants to remake and rebuild you during this season. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to commit to this process, even when it gets uncomfortable.